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The outcomes of the Mobile Broadband Spectrum Strategy for the West Bank and Gaza; for 4G and 5G technologies, up to 2030 were adopted by the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology “MTIT”. Bilateral negotiations on the allocation of 4G and 5G spectrum in the West Bank and Gaza are expected to continue over the next few months until an agreement is concluded. It is critical for the spectrum allocation agreement to be concluded in a timely manner, otherwise further delays of spectrum allocations to the Palestinian Authority may risk a development opportunity for the Palestinian telecom market.

As such, the MTIT is looking to hire a qualified technical consultant; to advise MTIT in the process of securing 4G and 5G spectrum for Palestine and the subsequent deployment.



The technical consultant shall support the MTIT in the deployment of the 4G and 5G in mobile Technology in Palestine. The general scope of the intended work shall focus on providing technical advisory support to the Ministry’s team by taking part in the techno-political negotiations to conclude a feasible agreement for 4G and 5G spectrum, deployment of the relevant networks and launch of commercial services.



  • To undertake all necessary activities to get familiar with the project; including organizing meetings with stakeholders such as mobile network operators and equipment manufacturers, and review of all relevant documents concerning the Palestinian and Israeli telecom markets.
  • Forecast spectrum demand in the West Bank and Gaza in the short-, medium- and long-term
  • Provide recommendations for spectrum re-farming as necessary
  • Review and revise the existing national frequency allocation table based on the negotiations’ outcome
  • Support MTIT in preparations for the JTC discussions and participate in the JTC meetings.
  • Advise the MTIT on frequency spectrum allocation and management from a technical point of view and support the MTIT in the preparation and finalization of a national frequency plan aligned with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Region 1 Frequency Table by September 2022
  • Run simulations for every spectrum proposal exchanged between the Palestinian and Israeli governments.
  • Provide a written advisory note on the feasibility of each of the exchanged proposals in terms of efficiency of quantity and quality of spectrum proposed, the associated advantages and challenges of infrastructure deployment, commercial feasibility and alternatives proposal and analysis
  • developing counter spectrum proposals based on the market needs and the regulatory framework;
  • participate in frequency allocation meetings with Palestinian stakeholders as requested by MTIT;
  • Coordinate with the existing MNOs and MTIT to align on the national frequency needs;
  • Coordinate and liaise with the ITU Radiocommunication Sector and relevant Radiocommunication Study Group in line with the conclusions of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019
  • Undertake a Cost and benefit analysis for the proposed frequency allocation scenarios.
  • Provide recommendations for spectrum aggregation scenarios and aggregations’ efficiency per each



  • A minimum of 15 years demonstrated experience in cellular wireless technologies, detailed aspects are provided in the TOR
  • Experience working within the cellular wireless industry, including with government authorities, regulators, vendors, and mobile operators.
  • Relevant experience working on the specific political and technical context of the Palestinian and the Israeli telecommunication markets and potential challenges related to it.
  • Demonstrated experience in creating knowledge products such as technical reports, implementation plans, ability to run technical simulations, as well as provide policy and regulatory advisory.
  • Good knowledge of ITU and WRC standards.
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills.
  • Fluency in English language is a must, knowledge of Arabic and/ or Hebrew languages is an asset.



Appointment of consultant will commence during February 2022 and shall continue through until project closing. Expected duration of project 8 – 12 months. Precise terms to be set out in engagement contract



ToR is available at http://tiny.cc/4g-technical-advisor

To Submit at http://tiny.cc/4g-ta-application

Deadline 27th January 2022